Arcane Marketing

Get Listed in Local Search and Gain New Customers


Small businesses must compete with larger and more established companies for customers. Fortunately, the internet makes this a lot easier. Business owners who understand search engine optimization can easily compete with companies with much larger advertising budgets. Since effective SEO can be a time consuming process, the most successful companies outsource this marketing function to an experienced company. It’s important to choose a vendor that is qualified to handle both mobile and local SEO.

Mobile SEO

Nearly everyone has a mobile device that connects to the internet. Many have an unlimited data plan and those who don’t take advantage of free Wi-Fi on the go. They use their smartphones to access information about products and services before they make purchases. It’s rare today for someone to go into a business they haven’t already researched online. Savvy business owners recognize the value of having a responsive website that allows their potential customers to gather the information they need to make a decision.

Local SEO

Potential customers that only know the type of product or service they want might start with a simple Google search. Those searches typically result in a map with a list of nearby businesses. Any company that offers that product or service needs to be on that map. If not, they are losing money every time someone searches for a company like theirs on Google. Arcane Marketing can solve that problem. Google doesn’t charge a fee to be included in local search but it’s critical to use the right words and phrases to ensure the business appears in listings where it should. No one uses a phone book anymore so businesses that want to gain new customers have to take advantage of local search.

Small business owners have a lot on their plates, especially when they don’t have a lot of employees to delegate work to. By working with the best SEO company, a business owner can regain some of their time while they increase their bottom line with orders from customers that found them through a simple Google search. Being listed in search results is just too important for a business owner to try to learn SEO on their own.